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aisc revises professional membership dues structure

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I thought you might be interested in this recent announcement from AISC:

More than 10,000 pages of technical steel design information is now
available for download under a new program introduced by the American
Institute of Steel Construction, Inc. (AISC). The new program, dubbed
"ePubs", allows members and subscribers to download Adobe Acrobat (.pdf)
files of: 

*	All 17 AISC Design Guides
*	Every article in every issue of Engineering Journal
*	Nearly 200 papers from past Steel Conferences

In addition, members and subscribers now have free access to the AISC Shapes
Database. AISC's website also allows visitors to download copies of all AISC
specifications (including the Load and Resistance Factor Design
Specification for Structural Steel Buildings) and codes (including the Code
of Standard Practice for Steel Buildings and Bridges).

Design professionals can most easily access ePubs by joining AISC. To make
membership even more attractive, AISC has modified its dues structure-if six
people from one company join together, they pay the equivalent of $26.67
each; if 50 people from one company join, they pay the equivalent of just $6

AISC Membership Fees
	No. of members	Total Annual Fee
	1	$135
	2-6	$160
	7-19	$200
	20-99	$300
	100-499	$500
	500-1000	$1,000

In addition to access to ePubs, AISC members enjoy substantial discounts on
printed publications and seminar and conference registrations. (The
discounts can easily pay for membership: members receive a $125 discount on
their Steel Conference registration and $50 on the purchase of a Steel
Manual, for example.)

Professional membership in AISC is limited to engineers and architects.
Those not eligible for membership can access ePubs through a $300 annual

For more information on ePubs, visit
<> . To join AISC, visit
<>  or call 312.670.2400. 

Scott Melnick

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