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Torsion in wood beam

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I need to see a calculation that will help me solve a design problem. I have a glass railing that is approximately thirty feet long and three feet tall. The glass is continuous and the top, two sides and bottom are encased in an aluminum tract. The tract is secured to a 4x12 rim beam connected to the ends of an 11 7/8” TJI’s spaced at 24 inch on center. I have specified an LTT Strap at the top and the bottom of the TJI’s that are bolted through the 4x12. The bottom track of the glass railing is secured through the 15/32” sheathing and through the center of the 4x12 with a threaded rod, recessed nut and bolt.


The plan checker has required a calculation for the railing for 24 psf normal to the glass. The code requires a 600-lb load applied normal to the railing at the top.


I anticipated the 600-lb lateral load applied 36” above the deck and rather than try to induce torsion into the beam, I resolved the reactions at the top of the TJI and the bottom to calculate the reaction that will be resisted by the LTT straps. The beam is not secured in the wall at each end of the beam Can anyone help me resolve the problem? Should I be considering torsion in the beam and if so, how do I prevent the beam from splitting down the center?


Thanks in advance