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RE: Butt-welding a gap

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The only "butt joint" prequalified welds are limited to 3/8" thick base
metal for a one sided weld or 5/8" for a 2 sided weld.

The BU-4a-GF weld is unlimited on base metal thickness.  The one thing that
you do not want to do is to let it cool.  You want to maintain an elevated
temperature which is predicated on the base metal.  Engineers are often not
given all of the information that they should be for weld submittals.  

I require submittals to specify pre-heat, interpass temperature, root
opening, groove angle, welding process, base metal thickness, and shielding
(if required).  If it is in the field, I require them to shield the weld
from wind.  I generally require supplemental shielding on FCAW.  

I guess being a former iron worker, I remember how I screwed up more than a
few welds.  

Harold O. Sprague

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Subject: Butt-welding a gap

I am reviewing a welding procedure to "fill-in" a gap for a beam flange
moment connection. The gap is about 2" and it will filled in as a
butt-weld. They are claiming this is a pre-qualified weld (BU-4a-GF),
but I'm not sure that is correct.

I am wondering if some time should be allowed between passes to allow
the weld to cool? I can't find anything in the AWS for this.

(Note the connection is NOT for a seismic application.)


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