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Pipe Analysis

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This might be a little off subject but it deals with stress analysis on pipes, maybe I should go into the ME email group, but let me try anyways.
I am currently working on a pipe that requires a thermal expansion analysis.  The pipe is an exhuast pipe for  a generator.  The material of the pipe consist of low carbon steel.
First Question:
Specs call for a differential temperature of 50F to 1500F.  My comment was that the pipe will melt at 1500F.  Typically I am use to seeing a max temp of 1100F for carbon steel.  I have notified the spec writers and informed them of the concern I have.  Any comments on the max temp of carbon steel?
2nd Question:
We have typically designed pipes under the ANSI B31.1 code but the specs call for ANSI R211.  Is anyone familiar with this R211 code.  I can't seem to find it anywhere.
Thanks for any help that you guys might be willing to give.