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RE: Water Proof Membrane

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How timely.

Re; Concrete Repair Bulletin, September/October 2003.  This issue is
dedicated to selection of waterproofing.  It has a pretty good series of

What you want is called a traffic bearing membrane.

Harold O. Sprague

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Subject: Water Proof Membrane

I have a commercial building that fronts a street.  It has a basement. 
The basement extends out to the curb line with the sidewalk being the
roof of part of the basement.  As you can expect the concrete slab has
cracked and leaked into the basement.  I would like to recommend the
cracks be routed out and filled with a repair epoxy mortar.  Then I would
like to recommend a waterproof membrane be put on the sidewalk.  Since it
is a sidewalk it must be a wearing surface as well.  I can't add
thickness to the sidewalk because then the doors won't open, etc.  I
would appreciate any recommendations for types of materials to use for
the crack repair and the waterproof membrane.

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