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Re: Reinforcing vs welded wire fabric

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Check out the Welded Reinforcement Institute at .   They have several documents
(available for free) handy for specifying WWF.

The exact equivilant would be D20.0 wire at a 12" spacing.
D = Deformed, 20 = sq. in. per wire * 100, so a #4 bar = 20 sq. in. =

W = plain wire.

You would specify the other direction at the same time.  So if you had #4 @
12 the other direction, the spec would be 12x12-D20.0xD20.0.

Or you could use a smaller spacing and bars for the same area,
6x6-D10.0xD10.0, or 4x4-D6.7xD6.7

Also, the wire doesn't have to match in each direction.  #4 at 12" + #4 at
18" could be
12x12-D20.0xD13.3 or 4x6-D6.7xD6.7

Finally, to complicate it further, WWF typically has higher yield strengths
than standard deformed bars.  If you want to take advantage of this, you can
adjust the steel area by the strength ratio.

For 65 ksi steel you could use a ratio of 6/6.5, and a #4 bar = D18.5
For 70 ksi steel use 6/7 -> #4 bar = D17.1
WWF is available up to 80 ksi.

Jason Kilgore
Leigh & O'Kane, L.L.C.

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Subject: Reinforcing vs welded wire fabric

I called on a wall #4 @ 12".  The contractor wants to use welded wire
fabric.  I checked the chart that I have.  Look like there no welded wire
fabric that I can use.  Is there any ww fabric that I can use?

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