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For the Record

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For the record, I am not an employee of CRSI.  I do work for them in the sense that I write and edit technical publications for them.  Writing and editing technical publications is a large part of my consulting business.  I threw in the reference to CRSI lest I be accused of having a bias against fibers.  I don't,  I see nothing wrong with putting cat hair in concrete.  

I also don't see that my postings have improved.  In fact, I think all of my postings have been both tremendously witty and very informative.  In particular,  I try to make sure there is some element of useful information in each post.

For example,  I would not  recommend that someone use 12x 12 - W18 x W18 mesh.  This is not what I consider useful information.  Although I am sure a company like Ivy Steel would make it, it would probably cost several times more than using bars.  

If I were to post on that subject though,  I would note that wire mesh is typically specified at the same size as bar  when doing work in accordance with ACI 318.  (A W18 wire is not equivalent to a #4 bar,  since the 18 indicates the area is .18 sq. in. versus a #4 bar which is 0.20 sq. in.)

If this were a slab on grade,  you would not have to use an equivalent amount of steel.     If this were a slab on grade,  one could  use the yield strength allowed by ASTM and CSA, rather than what is allowed by ACI 318.  ASTM and CSA measure the yield strength at a strain of 0.5 % versus ACI 318 which requires the yield strength be measured at a strain of 0.35%.  The ASTM and CSA minimum yield strengths are 65 ksi for plain wire reinforcement and 70 ksi for deformed wire reinforcement.  

The yield strength measured at 0.35% strain is higher than 60 ksi, but not enough so to make it worthwhile for a contractor to seek approval for a specification change, which they would need to, if they were using less steel.

Gail Kelley

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Ever since you joind CRSI the quality of your postings on this LIST has considerably improved and do show the colors of a person engaged in Research. Keep up the good work!

Syed Faiz Ahmad; MEngg, M.ASCE
Senior Structural Engineer
Saudi Oger Ltd
Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

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