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Plan Check from a plan reviewer

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Title: Plan Check from a plan reviewer

I would like to add my 2 cents

I work for a municipality and review residential and small commercial projects.  (I am not an engineer)  Engineers are not required to do residential design in our jurisdiction unless it is 3 stories or more or maybe because of a plot note.  Consequently, designers have the majority of the residential market because they will cost less then an engineer.  Basically I have two problems: 1) there is no certification requirement for designers and just because you go out and buy a design program doesnt mean you are qualified to perform calculations. 2) engineers who do residential are getting paid like a designer and are less responsive to review comments because they do not want to spend any more time on it.  (Gerard, I would never ask for new calcs because the length of the shear wall was different unless the nailing had to be revised)

  Please note details are not just for review but also for the builder and the inspector.  90% of our problems occur in the field.  We do not ask inspectors to do plan check but they should be able to verify load path details for example and if its not on the drawings, how do you expect the builder to build it the way it was designed

  Additionally, the plan review is not just a structural calculation check.  There are many occasions where architectural requirements are incorrect or are missing.  These include things we assume are standardstair rise and run, guard heights, egress windows, elevation of appliances in the garage, tempered glazing, ventilation and so on.