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Flat plates

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Ironically, I have been pouring over my Nawy book to get a basic understanding of flat plates in order to assist a Sr Eng do a building. Nawy's book was very helpful for my basic concrete class in school and has done me fine in my short career of doing very little reinforced concrete design. I thought the flow charts were very helpful to break down design methods in easy to digest pieces. I have also used it in studying for the PE, again, for basic concrete problems. His chapter on flat plates seems pretty thorough. Typos and misspellings in 800 pages is the editor's problem, as long as he isn't leaving out a square root sign in a major formula or anything, I am not too worried. But, I am not offering any excuses for errors...

Flat plates- I don't know about using them in moment frames, but in gravity design, using Direct Design Method (ACI Sec 13.6.1) uses "column strips" and "middle strips" and then proportioning the moments using a couple of different steps. If calculating "I" wouldn't you use the column strip for your tributary width? Or do you think you would use 1/2 the middle strip as well? I look forward to any more info on flat plates...

Andrew Kester, EI 
Longwood, FL 

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