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Nail embedments

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I'm working with the 2001 NDS figuring the capacity of stapled wood
connections.  Staples are not included in the NDS rules but they seem to
come under the allowance of Section 11.1.7 Other Dowel-Type Fasteners.  I
will use the Yield Limit equations of Section 11.3.  The assemblies I want
to evaluate are for residential retrofit cripple wall bracing using plywood
sheathing to wood framing.  Staples that are to be considered have diameters
in the range of 0.0625" [16 ga] to 0.80" [14 ga].  Staples tend not to split
short wood blocks.  Some common retrofit details require installation of
short blocks between existing studs; the blocks are fastened to an existing
mudsill, and plywood sheathing is fastened to the short blocks.  Common nail
often split short blocks -- numerous nails, as required for plywood shear
panels tend to increase the probability of splitting; staples are very
helpful to avoid the splitting problems.

Table 4 of NER 272 provides design lateral strength values for face-nailed
single shear connections of 2x members; Tables 16 through 21 of NER 272
provides values for staple-fastened plywood shear walls.  These seems to be
authoritative for the application that I have in mind.  However, I
understand that there are Building Officials in CA who are reluctant to
consider the use of staples for retrofit shear panels.  I will make some
sample calculations to see whether the NER 272 values are our of line with
the NDS.  Are there concerns about staples for an application like this that
I should know about?

I will also use the NDS to make additional calculations to determine values
for connections to redwood mudsills using staples -- redwood framing lumber
is commonly found in old houses of CA.

Do you see any reason that staples should not be used for this application?

Nels Roselund
Structural Engineer
South San Gabriel, CA

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