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Re: Masonry lap splice

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Tuesday, October 28, 2003, 9:07:51 AM, you wrote:

Hac> What's the reaction to IBC '03, Section 2107.2.3, Equation
Hac> 21-2, which modifies ACI 530-02, w/ a new masonry lap
Hac> splice equation? This can nearly double, for example, the lap
Hac> length for a #6 bar to nearly six feet! This is not yet in ACI
Hac> 530.1-02, where the 40/48 bar diameter rule still holds. My
Hac> understanding from NCMA is that the change was prompted by adverse
Hac> test results, but it seems like an impractical overkill and I have
Hac> never heard of any lap splice problems to warrant a change.

Is not the equation 21-2 in IBC 2000 the same as the 2003? We had heard
that they (ICC) were talking about revising that equation in the IBC
2003, guess not?

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