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Re: Nail Embedments & Stapled shear panels

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As you state, the staples do not split old wood as easily as nails.  NER-272
(or the new report issued after the ICC/ICBO musical-chair game, ER
2403----or was it 5403?) "should" be accepted by any building department.
The politics of this is a little out of my realm.   As an interesting aside,
if you have the inclination to speak with someone at the Calif. Bldg. Stds.
Commission about it you will find that the code modifications made by many
local jurisdictions in CA are not valid unless they are "ratified" by the
CBSC.... (ratified? approved? registered? ---improper choice of

One disadvantage of staples, as demonstated by Hurricane Andrew, is that the
installer may not know if the staple has embedded in the framing member.  A
nail gun does not give the same recoil effect if  you miss the member under
the sheathing, so you can tell if you are off line (whether you care or not
is another story).  With staples, if one leg hits the rafter/joist/stud, you
may not be able to tell that your connection has only half the capacity it
should.  As for anything, careful installation is imperative.

Good luck,

Thor Matteson

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