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RE: Blind Fasteners for Structural Applications

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There are a lot of products that work well, but do not have a lot of
standards to aid the engineer.  Do your homework, and ask for research data.
Ask for references for applications similar to yours.  Design
conservatively, and make sure your insurance is paid.  

The window / curtain wall engineers routinely use Rivnuts.  BF Goodrich
developed and patented the product, but the Rivnuts are now manufactured by
Cardinal Components.
Call them at 800-236-3200 and ask for Michelle.  Tell her that I told you to
call her.

For heavier loads, you can also use a Lindadapter Hollo-Bolt

Harold O. Sprague

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Subject: Blind Fasteners for Structural Applications

I am trying to attach a vertical stiffener to the thin wall (12 ga) of a 
22' dia silo, 50' above the ground.  The stiffener is a 1/4" thick 
double angle carrying a vertical load of 10k to the silo wall by shear 
through the fastener.  Access to the interior is undesirable, as is 
welding.  I am specifying Huck BOM (Blind Oversize Mechanical) Fasteners :
These are very similar to a blind rivet and are primarily used in 
mechanical or transportation (rail car/truck body) applications.  I know 
of no situations where these have been used in building structure 

Has anyone experience with these fasteners - are they acceptable in this 
application?  I would feel better with a bolt with ASTM specs and 
resistance values for backup.

Is it acceptable to design as a bearing bolt.  They appear to work very 
well at compressing the attached components together and hence work as a 
slip-critical connection, but codes only make reference to A325 or A490 
bolts for friction type connections.

Don Vickers


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