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RE: steel formdeck as shearwall?

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John Jones wrote:

. > I'm not ignoring seismic, I've just yet to see it control in this area 
. > unless it's a hospital, fire station, etc.

Hmmm.  A 6-story building not controlled by seismic somewhere in the 

I have had colleagues say that in this area (Arizona, Seismic Zone 2) that 
seismic does not control on single story buildings, however, on a small (30' 
X 40' IIRC) single story cmu bearing wall building, I got:

1. Wind controlled wall design.

2. Wind controlled roof diaphragm design.

3. Seismic controlled base shear.

Similarly on a single story cmu bearing wall post and beam showroom type 
retail store, seismic controlled on base shear (and possibly roof diaphragm 
-- the building was quite wide).  I have seen calcs on similar buildings that 
just have the notation, "Single Story --- Wind Controls," and no calcs on 
seismic, but I have not been able to show that with my calcs.

A. Roger Turk, P.E.(Structural)
Tucson, Arizona

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