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Re: Column located on 4" existing concrete slab

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Pl. check you loading again.  If using the UBC the LL on exterior balconies is 60psf
Trib. area on column = 14'/2 x 4'/2 = 14 SF
LL = 60 psf x 14 SF = 840 LB
Generally the slab poured outside are not properly compacted and reinforced.  I would caution against placing on the slab.  Base plate is a good idea.  Imagine kids (older ones) jumping up/down at the balcony!
A cheaper alternative might be to use foundation blocks available at Home Depot.  Cut slab, dig hole, place foundation block, attach post to block - SIMPLE!
-  Aswin
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Subject: Column located on 4" existing concrete slab

I have a balcony size 14'x4' supported by two column.  I estimate about 700# D+L loads will transfer to 4x4 post.
Can I place this column on top existing concrete about 4" thick?  If not, what is the correct procedure.

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