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Re: Special Inspection

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Interesting discussion.  Years ago when Phoenix had its own code and before we succumbed to the UBC (and now possibly the NFPA) the issue of half stresses in masonry for non special inspection masonry was discussed.  At that time Phoenix opted to allow full stresses for masonry design with or without special inspection because it was felt that half of nothing is nothing, i.e., if the reinforcing was left out of the wall or the cells not grouted half stesses were too high anyway.  Seems this is along the same lines.  Before you get upset that Phoenix did not have any special inspections be aware we did have a good program as to what reasonably triggered special inspection requirements with unduly punishing the very small commercial or residential project.  Recently, under the UBC, I have had special inspection required because I had one steel column 8 feet tall carrying 2 kips in a residence.