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RE: Special Inspection

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Our insurance advises we not say "approve" or "approved" also.   "Review" and "Reviewed" are the recommended verbs.
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I never say I" inspected" unless I watched the entire process. A typical letter might read something like this:

Site visits were made by my firm to observe and approve the structural framing, diaphragm nailing, and lateral force resisting system of the main house. 

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The site visits were done in accordance with the requirement for Structural Observation as specified in UBC Section 1702.

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Deficiencies that were observed were brought to the builder's attention and were subsequently found to be substantially corrected.  The observed work was found to be in substantial conformance with the approved plans and specifications, with minor field changes including:

Chuck Utzman, P.E.

GSKWY(--nospam--at) wrote:
Although this is probably discussed in something I should have read,  I thought I'd ask anyways ...
What is the rational behind requiring special inspection based on Seismic Performance Category?  I understand the definition of "special inspection" to be inspection paid for by the owner, as opposed to inspection by the building department.
This seems to imply that if you are in an area with a low risk of earthquakes,  it doesn't matter that your concrete is cr*p and you have left out half of the reinforcing steel.
Also, insurance companies advise engineers never to use the word "inspect" in their reports.  How can you not do that, when the Code sections on special inspection uses the word about two dozen times?
Finally, the term "Deputy Inspector" seems to be a California thing.  How is it defined?  Did it come out of SEAOC literature?
Gail Kelley