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RE: New home problems

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The saddest thing is that you are most likely correct.

Why are we so idealistic to believe that people will do what is right for those they build homes for rather than to argue what is right about the free-enterprise system. There is something ideally wrong with our society when we put the needs of people second to the profits we can earn for shareholders. But now I am being an Idealist rather than the pragmatist I always felt I was.

I had to call customer service for J.C. Penny’s today and found I was dealing with a company in India. Why was I not dealing with one of the 3.5 million Americans who are out of work?



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Dennis Wish wrote:


I just wish I could be in the same room with this guy when he finds out
that all of his homes have been designed by an unlicensed firm."



The sad part is he probably won't care.


Bill Cain, S.E.

Albany CA