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CBC 1921.4 Frame Members Design

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Hi Concrete Gurus,
Per CBC section 1921.4 - an earthquake load resisting frame member subjected to bending and axial loads should have an axial load exceeding "Ag f'c / 10". This is usually a frame column.
 The shear strength of such a member should meet the shear demand per section 1921.4.5. In section 1921.4.5.2 it is suggested to ignore the the shear capacity due to concrete (Vc=0), if the conditions per items 1 & 2 are meet.
My question is - How can condition # 2 ever be meet? i.e.
Item #2 states : "The factored axial compression force including earthquake effects is less than Ag f'c / 20"
Section 1921.4 is addressed only when Pu is greater than Ag f'c / 10, Then how could Pu be less than Ag f'c / 20 in order to use Vc=0?
Please comment.

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