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RE: Reusing Foundations (was: SE Tests)

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With regards to question No. 1:
ABSOLUTELY (USC grad, M.S.C.E., 1983)! I'm looking forward to the
opportunity (even with all the freshman and sophomores we've got)
although I'm disappointed that it would mean not going to the Rose Bowl.
USC and Michigan would be a good game, too.

Regarding the fires, I've already been "warned" by a good client of mine
that I will be asked about re-using foundations to rebuild houses
destroyed by fires. My gut feeling is to respond with a "no" since the
anchors have been heated and cooled and probably the footing reinforcing
has as well. In fact, even if there had been no fires, I would be
hesitant because I have no idea of the quality of concrete or quantity
of reinforcing used in the original design. Of course, for a one and two
story residence on reasonably good soil, one probably doesn't need the
strongest concrete or massive reinforcing. I just need to come up with a
good response. My client will go with my "gut" response, but would like
something a little more substantial when conveying this information to
his clients. Any thoughts?

T. William (Bill) Allen, S.E. (CA #2607)
V/F (949) 248-8588
San Juan Capistrano, CA

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:So, finally, off topic, can anyone beat Oklahoma this year? I am FSU
:and I don't think I want to see us play them in New Orleans, could be
:ugly... Figure some of you CA/ USC guys would have an opinion. Hope you
:guys are ok out there with all the fires.
:Andrew Kester, EI
:Longwood, FL

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