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Re: Reusing Foundations

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Where design loads are relatively low (e.g. wood framed, light
construction), you may want to consider hiring a testing firm to evaluate
the foundations.  For substantially less than the cost of replacement you
could have a test agency take several cores for compressive strength tests,
extrapolate these findings with judicious use of the rebound hammer (ASTM
C805-02), map out steel with a pachometer and drill to intercept several
bars to verify sizes, grade, and cover.  New sill connections could be made
with expansion or undercut anchors.

My dos centavos,
Dave Woodham

 > Regarding the fires, I've already been "warned" by a good client of mine
> that I will be asked about re-using foundations to rebuild houses
> destroyed by fires. My gut feeling is to respond with a "no" since the
> anchors have been heated and cooled and probably the footing reinforcing
> has as well. In fact, even if there had been no fires, I would be
> hesitant because I have no idea of the quality of concrete or quantity
> of reinforcing used in the original design. Of course, for a one and two
> story residence on reasonably good soil, one probably doesn't need the
> strongest concrete or massive reinforcing. I just need to come up with a
> good response. My client will go with my "gut" response, but would like
> something a little more substantial when conveying this information to
> his clients. Any thoughts?

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