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We are starting a project in Burley, Idaho and are having a hard time getting strait answers on design criteria from the building official.  If anyone has experience with recent projects in the area, could you please contact me privately.  I would like to know what we should be using for design criteria.  Specifically, we are trying to answer the following questions:
Building code:  Building official said they are changing to 2003 IBC "sometime after the first of the year."  Couldn't be more specific.  What is the status of the building codes in Idaho and is it different for each municipality?
Wind speed:  Building official told me three different wind speeds during two phone calls.  80 MPH and 110 MPH during one and 90 MPH during another.  ASCE-7 shows 90.  Anyone know for sure?
Snow loads:  Building official reported 25 PSF ground snow one day and 25 PSF roof snow another day.  Again, does anyone know for sure?
I would appreciate any help,
Jake Watson, P.E. 
Salt Lake City, Utah