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Re: SE Tests

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I just looked on the California Department of Consumer Affairs web site (  Starting in April 2004 they are not allowing calculators with communication or text editing capabilities. 

They also have the pass rates for the 3 sections for the California Civil Engineer exam for April 2003 (the most recent).
Principles & Practice (8 hour) - 39%
Surveying - 32%
Seismic - 37%
Assuming no correlation, that means that statistically that a test taker only has a (.39*.32*.37=) 5% chance of passing all three.  Someone said it was easy.  Statistics (which is always the best way to lie) says its a little tougher.

Incidentally, California is getting easy on its SE with 35% passing in October 2002 compared to 12% in October 2001.

Mike O'Brien, SE