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RE: SE Tests

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I looked at the testing criteria on the NCEES web site for the S-I and S-II
The questions are directed at the following:
Analysis of structures - 31%
Design and detailing - 69%
The analysis portion test knowledge of loads, lateral forces, and methods.
The design and detailing portion test knowledge of design codes.
I feel that the test criteria is appropriate to examine an engineer's skills
as applied to the design of structures. The test is actually fair assuming
that the candidates have adequate experience and test preparation (study the
Bill Scott 

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I just looked on the California Department of Consumer Affairs web site
(  Starting in April 2004 they are not allowing
calculators with communication or text editing capabilities.  

They also have the pass rates for the 3 sections for the California Civil
Engineer exam for April 2003 (the most recent).
Principles & Practice (8 hour) - 39%
Surveying - 32%
Seismic - 37%
Assuming no correlation, that means that statistically that a test taker
only has a (.39*.32*.37=) 5% chance of passing all three.  Someone said it
was easy.  Statistics (which is always the best way to lie) says its a
little tougher.

Incidentally, California is getting easy on its SE with 35% passing in
October 2002 compared to 12% in October 2001.

Mike O'Brien, SE 

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