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Re: Tests, etc.

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Andrew wrote:

" It sounds like even if I could fool myself into thinking I could afford to
live in California, it would seem  an engineer working in a wind area would
have a tough time adapting to seismic. I don't see the licensing even being
a remote possibility without a few years of progressive seismic design
experience and a whole lot of studying. Most CA firms I see advertising want
a MS, someone from a CA school (sssoorryyyyy!), and of course seismic design
experience. Sounds like I will live and die in this jungle. At least Magic
tickets are easier to get then Lakers tickets :)

 But you can do structural with a CA PE, as long as the structure meets
certain restrictions? So what is on that test? It is not an NCEES Test? In
addition you have to take a surveying and seismic test? I am confused..."

Adapting from high wind to seismic is not as hard as you think.  A little
time understanding the basic differences in demand and some experience
coming to grips with the ductile detailing requirements, otherwise
engineering is engineering and load path is king.  The PE license is the
standard NCEES 8 hour principles and practice exam, followed by a surveying
and a seismic exam portion the next day.  Neither one is particularly

Yes you can do structural design for everything except essential facilities
and schools, as well as some local jurisdiction height restrictions, which
at 160 ft is way too liberal.

Yes, most firms advertise for MS with experience, but I would never let that
stand in your way.  Personally I am much more interested in aptitude and
attitude than an MS degree. There are excellent schools outside of CA, even
though I am strongly biased towards Cal Poly, just ask Charlie Carter. :-)

Cost of living..... that is an entirely different subject.  I always remeber
a posting by someone years ago who left Santa Barbara and relocated to Idaho
(?).  Took a cut in pay and doubled their standard of living.  Ah well...

Paul Feather

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