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RE: Seals and signatures

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Heck…I once had a pretty skuzzy client (at a previous firm)…not the kind of guys I’D do business with NOW, of course…

Who changed my CALCULATIONS WITH WHITE OUT, copied them, and put them back in set!!!!


(He also changed part of the permit drawings…blue prints; with WHITE OUT)



I only know this because the plan reviewer called and asked me about it…it was so off it was obvious

That it had been changed…


Yikes…what’s that saying???

“I shot an arrow into the air, where it lands, I know not where!”




David L. Fisher, SE, PE


Head of Design and Construction


Cape Cod Grand Cayman Holdings Ltd.

75 Fort Street

Georgetown, Grand Cayman

British West Indies


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This is taken in part from the Enforcement pages of the Oregon Examiner (the engineers board), Summer/Fall 2003:


"the respondent reproduced the engineer's stamp, modified the expiration date and submitted the drawings to the city.  These actions were taken without the knowledge or permission of the engineer."  $1000 penalty.


I thought the reason we wet sealed, wet signed, wet dated and added the expiration date was to prevent this kind of thing from happening?


It should be obvious that if somebody wants to violate the system then they will do it.  In the meantime, all of the rest of us are penalized by having to put our wet biography on each sheet of plans and calcs that we send out.


Am I the only one who thinks that we are being picked on?  Barbers need licenses, too but when was the last time that your barber signed, sealed and dated your receipt?  What about your doctor? Dentist?  Lawyer?


I know, I know.  I'm whining.  But it's Friday, right?


Jim Persing, PE, SE