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Re: Seals and signatures

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I once reviewed some wood truss shop drawings, where the "seal" was signed:
"John B. Lazy by John's Secretary" (names changed, of course).  If he didn't
actually sign it, who says he even looked at the drawings?

Unfortunately for him, my boss is on the MO registration board.

I also love the wood truss shop drawings where every page of the
calculations is signed and sealed with an identical computer-generated stamp
and signature.  Again, why do you need the engineer if any technician can
add an electronic "signature" to the sheets and hit "Print"?

Oh, before I'm mis-understood, I'm IN FAVOR of electronically applied
STAMPS, but not signatures.  I'm also in favor of those states that require
signatures in different colors (blue or red) so you can tell an original
from a copy.  I do this anyway.

Jason Kilgore
Leigh & O'Kane, L.L.C.

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