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Re: SE Tests and Seals and Signatures

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Well,  when it comes down to it, whether a set of structural plans is stamped by an SE in Illinios or an Environment Engineering PE in DC,  it does not mean either one actually did the work. 
In design offices in DC, most design work is not done by PEs.  A design office might have 17 engineers, of which only 2 or 3 are PEs.  By the time many "young engineers" have been around long enough to sit for the PE, they realize they can make more money working in almost any other field.  For example, Linda Tripp was making almost $100,000 a year stuffing envelopes for the government.  To make that as a structural engineer, you would have to be the principal in the firm.
I would think it was highly unlikely an Environment Engineering PE would want to stamp structural plans, unless they were a stamp for hire type.  Most people don't want to jeopardize their reputations by stamping things they don't understand.  If they are a stamp for hire, it doesn't matter whether they are a SE, PE, or they got the stamp out of a cereal box.
And for that matter, although I am a PE who does structural engineering,  I haven't done any wood design for about ten years.  If I did plans for a timber building, they would likely be no better than what an Environmental Engineering PE would do. 
The moral of the story:  I would still not want to be Linda Tripp.
Gail Kelley