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RE: SE Test

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It is a nice Friday afternoon.  Am I tired of taking time to hash this out as well.  In our area the local building official is unhappy with the "Quality" (or presentation) of work submitted by shall we say unnamed engineers in a particular market sector.  In an effort to elevate the quality of work turned into them they have chosen a direction I think you would agree with.  Through a local professional society, and their own personal memberships and participation in the society, they are in the process of creating standards that the membership endorses.  The concept is that if the membership self regulates and "audits" the practice of a participating professional, their name is placed on a list of qualifying professionals.  The building department can then post the list as a list of professional that have agreed to conform to an "approved" set of standards regulated by ones membership and participation in that very same organization.
The hope is of course that peer pressure will help create an incentive to be included on the list and thereby clean up the problem.  I think that ethics and competency issues could be handled in a similar way.
Bill, thanks for the discourse.  Sorry for having gone "Wishy" on you.  Sorry Dennis, I just couldn't help myself :)
Keith De Lapp, P.E.
KDL Engineering
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I think we’ve beat this horse to death. I think we agree more than you think.


No, I’m not suggesting more bureaucracy. IMO, it WOULD be nice if CA would tighten up the licensing laws to be more similar to AZ. That is about the only area where I would like to see the laws “cleaned up”.


I was suggesting that negligence is prosecuted after the fact when someone takes on a project outside their area of expertise, but only if something goes wrong. In that case, lack of ethics is regulated.


What I AM suggesting (but I’m preaching to the choir here) that more character be used and those folks who are not qualified to take on a project, not to do it, even if they ARE licensed to do so.


Conclude whatever you wish. Just don’t put that “more bureaucracy” label on me. It doesn’t fit. Neither does “Good Guy” (all the time). Don’t like taxes either. The points I am suggesting I restated above. No more, no less.


And, no Ivory Tower Syndrome here. I can’t understand how my specific examples have been extrapolated to this extreme interpretation of my position.


I also am not suggesting that a problem of any kind is “spiraling out of control”. Don’t know where you got that. However, there are real world examples to back up my examples.


If everyone had the same position you stated in your last paragraph, this topic would be a non-issue.


Let’s move on. Shall we?


‘Nuf said. It’s Friday afternoon and the weather is nice. At least here it’s nice.




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