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Re: Hanger Reinforcement - Precast Spandrels

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	Hi Wontae Kim,
		"Can I apply 'Ash= Vu/phi fy x m', Eq 4.5.6 of PCI Design
Handbook 5th Ed for the spot corbel on spandrel (not continuous ledge beam)?
		The point of Ash steel is to ensure that the entire depth of
the spandrel participates in the support of the ledge which is usually at
the bottom of the spandrel. The modification factor was developed from the
results of full-size spandrel tests done by Wiss, Janney Elstner for PCI in
the early '80s. One thing the report notes is to ensure that the reinforcing
accounts for the eccentricity of the load from the centroid of the piece. It
was Research Project No. 5, and was published in the PCI Journal,
September/October 1986, Vol. 31, #5, pp. 76-124. However, the testing did
not include spot corbels, just continuous ledges and pocketed spandrels.
		I know there are precasters that use spot corbels but we
find that continuous ledges are easier to form. We only use spot ledges at
the ends of pocketed spandrels where the pocket would interfere with the
bearing and tieback reinforcing. There is usually more shear and torsion
reinforcement at the end than is required for hanger reinforcement, even
with a pocketed spandrel.
	James L. Getaz, III, P.E.
	Shockey Precast Engineer
	V: 540-665-3204
	F: 540-665-3250

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