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Re: Canandian Concrete Code Question

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> From: GSKWY(--nospam--at)

> CAN/CSA-A23.1-00/A23.2-00  Concrete Materials and Methods of Concrete
> Construction/Methods of Test for Concrete.
> I am guessing that testing for surface tolerances (flatness and levelness)
> are in A23.2.  Is this correct?

>     Does A23.3 also include straightedge tolerances?
>     Also, how often does this document get revised?
>     Is the Canadian Standards Association similar to ACI where documents
>     are written by people who get together twice a year to argue the fine
>     points of literature?

Sorry that I can't comment on the F-numbers/waviness index aspect. I
don't have a copy of A23.1 or 2 at hand. A23.3 will not include
straight-edge tolerance. I would lean towards A23.1 (Methods of
Construction - inlcudes placement tolerances) as A23.2 (Methods of Test)
tends to be material specific.

The CSA is an independent, not-for-profit, international organization
which develops consensus standards using volunteers from a mandatory
range of stake-holder groups: producer, user, regulatory, general
interest. The membership of the technical committees must be balanced
among these groups. Volunteers are not necessarily Canadian.

Each standard must be revised or reconfirmed at least every 5 years.
Technical commitee "meetings should only be called when it has been
clearly established that sufficient business is at hand to justify the
time and expense of members and the CSA staff." However,
development/review can also be by correspondence and approved by a mail
ballot. Essentially, ongoing development is possible.

For active committees, meetings may occur more frequently than ACI's six
months. I was involved in a committee that met monthly to meet
publication deadlines. Finer points of communicating intent in the
English language can be troublesome. The CSA staff handles legal and
editorial aspects.

Paul Ransom, P. Eng.
Burlington, Ontario, Canada
<mailto:ad026(--nospam--at)> <>

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