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This is another topic I have yet to resolve for myself.  We have been trying to hire "qualified" engineers for several years and have had little luck.  We have advertised nationally in several magazines and on web sites.  Maybe it's the approach we used, but we received almost no responses. I see this as a good and bad thing. 
First, supply and demand dictates that as the number of required engineers increases, our compensation should increase assuming the supply remains roughly constant.  Most (all?)statistics indicate that engineering enrollment is down.  The largest problem we are having (at least from my perspective) is competing against incompetent &/or unethical engineers.  When we compete against firms whose work is similar to ours, we do just fine.
The down side is we can't find staff to do the work we have.  We are a small firm and have not investigated H1-b, and if I can help it, don't plan to.  My own opinion is that we simply need to increase the compensation to hire someone qualified locally.  But our market won't yet support a more highly compensated employee.  I am hoping that as time progresses, a stronger market will allow for better compensation or our position in our local market will improve to help.
I have a hope that the H1-b visa won't tamper with supply too much.  Force companies to keep employees overseas and we stand a chance.  Let them bring them here at a reduced rate and allow for oversupply and we are done.  At some point you have to let the market find the right balance.  H1-b's to me seems like a short-circuit on the supply side of the market.
Jake Watson, P.E.
Salt Lake City, UT
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Attention    SEAINT:

Regarding Stan Caldwell,    David Fisher' post  indicating the H-1b issue is of no concern to structural engineers.........................

That may be true to SE's  for right now,   but as one who has followed the issue for over ten years  with  AEA    ( I don't think this issue is going away.

Members of the IT industry  and   EE's   seem unconcerned   for the H-1B  issue years back.  It was boom times in their profession!    Now the boom has bust!!!
There is record unemployment amongst IT and EE  workers

IEEE-USA  reports that umemployment amongst  EE's is at historic highs!!!

Will we see  the same for the structural engineering profession?

I don't  know.   Time will tell.    

But the give  you some of you an indication  of the H-1B issue that so many of you refuse to be concerned I offer the following:

INTERNET websites protesting the H-1b visa,  offshoring  programs are sprouting.

Chat rooms,  discussion groups have formed attempting to fight the H-1b,
outsourcing programs.   

Angry engineers,  IT  workers  are now beginning to speak out!! 

You might want to call it revenge of the techies!!! 

The following is just a sampling of some of the protest  - discussion groups
on the  unemployment,   H-1b issue,   offshoring .

More seem  to be forming each month as word spreads of the scam - sham that
is the H-1b visa  program.  New concerns over the outsourcing issue are being

H-1B,  offshoring   link  websites:
check there database  the H-1b  applications        maybe your firm  is listed????
Don't forget to review their   LCA database to see if your firm is listed!!!       ( work in Progress)

and there are others!!!!!!

Engineering - IT organization websites:

And there is now even protest songs!!!

Unemployed workers are even making there own  videos!!!

Messages group:

Search Engine for H-1B  stories!!!

pending  (in the works)

Commentary on H-1B

This is not then end,  but just the beginning.   


Engr. Robert B. Johnson,  SE, PE
Chicago.  IL

f.ASCE   Past member  of Committee on Public Involvement
American Engineering Association
American Engineering Alliance
Tau Beta Pi Association
International Technology Institute

The above does not necessary represent the thoughts,  opinions of the many
engineering organization I belong,  but cited only as a reference the degree
of involvement in the engineering profession.    In fact most engineering
societies do not have a position on the H-1B issue with the possible
exception of ASCE,  IEEE.


also see: