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H-1B Abuse was: Sick Profession

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A few of you thought that H-1B was only intended to seek non-immigrant status employees willing to work for lower wages and I hope that I squelched this rumor. It was not – in fact, the intent was fill slots that American’s were unable to fill. However, besides the obvious cooking of books to suggest that a firm paid lower wages for jobs they had, in fact, paid higher wages for, there was another issue with H-1B that hurt American employees.


It is less expensive to lay off an American worker than it is to end an H-1B contract prematurely. The Associated Press covered this a few years ago and Lou Dobbs covered it partially on “Money Line”.  American companies could save fortunes in early forced retirement before an employee was fully vested in a pension plan, save on health care benefits, vacation pay and more. However, to pay 18 months of a government contract for wages terminated before the contract runs out made lay-offs of American workers more affordable for some companies than terminating H-1B contracts.


For every security we put into play, there is an abuse that can over come it. Kink of like computer viruses :>)