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RE: Outsourcing - Part I (was Sick Profession) a response to Stan Caldwell

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Very true.  But hopefully what many companies will realize before the
"s@$% hits the fan" is that if they take such practices to the full
"extent" there will be no one left in the US who can afford to buy their
products and services.  Personally, I believe that there is likely a
pendulum effect in play.  Companies practice their short sighted, the
"bottom line is god" mentality to please the shareholders, but at some
point will realize that they are committing suicide in many ways and the
pendulum will start to swing back.  I guess you could call it the
"invisible hand" (or market forces) that Bill P. refers to if I understand
him correctly.  The problem is that until the pendulum starts to swing
back many of the "little people" get hosed but good.  Of course, that is
the optimist in me.  The pessimist say that all the greedy bastards that
somehow seem to lead companies, run mutual funds, drill for oil, etc. will
rape and pillage for everything that they can get and don't care that the
"little people" lose jobs, can't pay bills, starve, etc. _AND_ will keep
doing so even though they are killing the goose that lays the gold eggs.

But, then being a "little person" there is a limit to what I can do, so I
just enjoy the things that I can, when I can.  I sit back and hope things
work out while choosing battles that I feel that I can make a difference
in (which includes voting and participating in professional/techinical


Ypsilanti, MI

On Mon, 10 Nov 2003, Scott, William N. wrote:

> This practice seems to be the way of the future!
> Bank of America - Customer service in India
> J.C. Penney's - Customer service in India
> British Telecom - Customer service in India
> London Water System - Control Center in India
> Any job that can be out sourced seems to be going overseas, including
> engineering and design. I stated before and repeat it here, this practice
> drains opportunity to train and develop people in the US.
> We did the same with manufacturing.
> Regards,
> Bill

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