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IBC 2000 load combinations

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Section 1605.3.2 Alternate basic load combinations indicates that ASCE7 wind
loads must be increased by a factor of 1.3 but you get applicable increases
in allowable stresses.  Section 1605.3.1 does not increase the same wind
load but does allow an increase to wood shear walls for duration per chapter
23.  It seems to me that using the alternate load combinations penalizes you
30% when checking allowables for shear walls.  The only explanation I can
come up with is that maybe the IBC is referencing ASCE7-95.  The wind load
factors appear to have been increased in ASCE7-98 according to its
commentary section C2.3.2.  Is this a correct interpretation?

Thanks in advance.


Dwain Hendershot

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