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I was interviewed last year for Civil Engineering magazine about
outsourcing and related matters. I said then and still believe that for
many of us this is not a problem and will unlikely never be a  problem
since a majority of the work in most projects is marketing, discussion of
most cost efficient systems, meeting with or talking to vendors of
systems, submitting plans and calcs. for approval, getting approval  from
related agencies/ departments, meeting with plan checkers to gain
approval, making changes which contractors desire or owners desire and
making structural observations.

None of the above can be outsourced. Someone from India (or anywhere
outside of Calif.) could submit plans and resubmit them 15 times and
never get approval in the jurisdictions in which I work. It requires a
great deal of local professional effort.

The grunt work that can and is being outsourced is for many of us a minor
part of the work and not the favorite part.

Stan Scholl, P.E.
Laguna Beach, CA

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