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If I can express my opinion on the issue.

The H1-B will become acceptable whenever it no longer becomes a hot button issue. Unfortunately, it has been a hot button issue for several reasons:

1 - The H1-B quotas are based on either old statistics or the overrated imagination of the US Labor Department's Manpower Commission. Around 1995, the latter predicted a vast shortage of engineers about now (early to mid-2000s). I'm still waiting for their "shortage" to show up, i.e. proof that there are more slots to fill_at_any_price than bodies to fill them. Heck, there aren't any such slots.

2 - Native engineers have no right to "bump" a "H1-B". ( I know it sounds cruel, but it has a way of making government policy more honest and self-correcting.) Natives have no right to know who is here as a "H1-B".

3 - Employers don't like to advertize they are an H1-B employer or has business arrangements with subcontractors (and sub-subcontractors, etc.) who are H1-B employers. (I've seen plenty of ads saying an employer is an "equal opportunity employer". I've never seen an ad saying they are proud to be an "H1-B employer".)

4 - The government publishes no statistics on H1-B vs native compensation. (That doesn't mean they don't have them, it means they decided that the public doesn't need to know or that the public doesn't have the intelligence needed to compare them.)

While these remarks appear to be anti-immigrant, please don't see it that way. What is really happening is that the Feds continue to use their authority to lie to their constituents for the benefit of big business (read campaign contributors) but is inheriently unfair to both native (whose hopes are destroyed) and immigrant (given high hopes, then destroyed) employees. Both classes loose.

I've probably said too much.  Don't flame me too hard, guys.

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