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RE: foreigners... gotta love them

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To clarify things, I have great doubt that the President personally reviewed
and approved Atta's visa.

Further, I doubt very much whether the rules governing INS changed a whole
lot from Clinton's time in office until 2001. As I stated earlier, I am not
happy at all with our political class of whichever party with regard to
enforcing our immigration and visa laws. IMO, they STILL don't get it.

The fact is that there are people from certain parts of the world who should
have a HUGE burden of proof placed on them before they are permitted entry
into the U.S., and that includes especially Saudi Arabia, who provided more
than their share of bloodthirsty thugs on 9/11.

And if you're from Saudi Arabia, don't expect me to apologize for stating
FACTS. As you have seen over the past couple of weeks, terrorists don't care
whom they hurt anyway. If you were smart, you'd listen to US instead of the
ranting of your bloodthirsty Wah'habist "clergymen" anyway, and make your
society generally more congenial to people of faiths other than your own.

William L. Polhemus, Jr. P.E.
Polhemus Engineering Company
Katy, Texas USA

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...I thought it was a nice gesture for W to
reknew Mohammed Atta's student visa in January of 2002. 

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