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Re: ASTM A 36 steel

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ASTM A36 is used as the material specification for a lot of different shapes/applications.  ASTM A36 has basically been phase out for ROLLED structural shapes (i.e. wide flanges and tees cut from wide flanges) in favor of ASTM A992.  However this not yet true for other shapes such as angles, channels, plates, and bars where ASTM A36 is still available.

Thomas Hunt, S.E.
ABS Consulting


11/12/2003 09:40 AM

Please respond to

ASTM A 36 steel

I know this has been discussed before, but I never followed real closely.

It is my understanding that ASTM A 36 is being used less now then it has been in the past.  Can someone maybe summarize some of the issues?

I will note that my specific interest is the steel used as dowels for slabs on ground,  which ACI 360, for unknown (even to them) reasons,  recommends be ASTM A 36.  

I'd like to know the overall industry trend though,  i.e. availablity, price, whatever caused the change.

Gail Kelley