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RE: ASTM A 36 steel

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ASTM A992 (Grade 50 steel) mainly applies to rolled steel wide flange
shapes. ASTM A36 is still used for some other steel components, such as
steel rod material which might be used for dowels. Another possibility is to
consider anchor bolt material - ASTM F1554 Grade 36. 

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Subject: RE: ASTM A 36 steel

We've been told these days by Mill guys that the current state of the art is
ASTM 992, a "dual spec"
Steel, i.e., meets A36 and A572-50.
It was explained to me that most A36 steel met A572-50 anyway, so they've
been gradually phasing it out.
The cost difference ended up being negligible.
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Subject: ASTM A 36 steel
I know this has been discussed before, but I never followed real closely. 

It is my understanding that ASTM A 36 is being used less now then it has
been in the past.  Can someone maybe summarize some of the issues? 

I will note that my specific interest is the steel used as dowels for slabs
on ground,  which ACI 360, for unknown (even to them) reasons,  recommends
be ASTM A 36.   

I'd like to know the overall industry trend though,  i.e. availablity,
price, whatever caused the change. 

Gail Kelley 

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