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RE: ASTM A 36 steel

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Well this is a timely inquiry because I am in the process of writing an update to the 1999 series on material selection for the january 2004 issue of Modern Steel Construction magazine.
ASTM A992 is the standard for W-shapes today. Since its introduction as a W-shape only standard, ASTM A992's scope has been expanded to cover other hot-rolled shapes. But to date, no producer has made anything but W-shapes in ASTM A992. I do expect that to change at some point in the future.
For dowels, which I suspect will likely be made from rod stock, ASTM A36 is probably still the most typical.
More on this in January ...

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Subject: ASTM A 36 steel

I know this has been discussed before, but I never followed real closely.

It is my understanding that ASTM A 36 is being used less now then it has been in the past.  Can someone maybe summarize some of the issues?

I will note that my specific interest is the steel used as dowels for slabs on ground,  which ACI 360, for unknown (even to them) reasons,  recommends be ASTM A 36.  

I'd like to know the overall industry trend though,  i.e. availablity, price, whatever caused the change.

Gail Kelley