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More hogwash. You don't upset the entire structure of the micro-economy
because "1% might be upset." Just utter hogwash, and I'm sorry if you take
that personally. It isn't. It's just that we've heard this ever since the
New Deal and far more suffering and human degradation has resulted BECAUSE
of such attitudes--especially when they inform public policy--than any

It isn't the government's JOB to make sure that everyone gets a "living
wage." It's YOUR, and MINE, and the next fellow's.

Robbing me to give to someone else so that you'll assuage your own guilt
isn't moral, ethical or even wise. It's dirty, nasty and stupid.

William L. Polhemus, Jr. P.E.
Polhemus Engineering Company
Katy, Texas USA

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I am sure your facts (can you cite a source, BTW, or is "99%" or "one-half
of one percent" really your opinion) are a real comfort to those 1% who
are not high school kids...

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