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Paul Fratessa: GOOD RIDDANCE

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SICK PROFESSION? Yes, indeed. But why? There is only whining on this list server. The reasons are twofold: Code Confusion & Gatekeeping. A handful of structural engineers are responsible, Fratessa being one of them.

There is no reason why there is not one code without conflicts in it, a code with parts and embodied references that can be interpreted the same by any engineer, building department, or lawyer not just those engineers who profess to know it all and have the power to make decisions. Just look at how silly it all is; UBC, CBC, IBC and now, guess what. Fratessa could have used his tenure with the California Sesmic Safety Commission [1986-1995] and other opportunities to bring some coherence to the code, but instead made it worse. Ever tried to explain to a client how some design came about and why they have to pay, pay and pay? No wonder we are a joke profession.

And the SE exam [in California]. Not only was and is Fratessa a part of the hoax [when he took the exam he was employed by the office that wrote it], he has perpetuated the situation with the excuse that if a CE is not in the employ [or was, and has paid the necessary homage] of one or more of the offices that write, check, and grade our home-grown exam each year he/she does not deserve the ticket. Less than 100 civil engineers in California of a population of 30,000,000 are qualified? Lurkers are certainly laughing at the young exam candidates and their eager e-mails, especially those from states that use an exam that is not available to insiders (and therefore infinitely bettter), as we have in California. A cancer with no resolution other than go to a national exam, which the employing inside traders will never permit.

Paul Fratessa may seem to have been benevolent to some ex-Cal Poly students, but to those who knew him he was a bigot, a pathological liar, and a crook.


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