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RE: Paul Fratessa: GOOD RIDDANCE

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Mr. Hirsch,


Yes, I am young. And yes, I probably should not have posted this to the list. I read the email from with a name of someone I respected and have had private email conversations on topics about. I had no reason to feel that Bill Allen would say anything that he didn’t truly believe. Unfortunately, I had already sent out my email before Bill made us aware that he was not the author of the post.


So I apologize to all, sincerely, for putting down the name of a recently deceased engineer, who I did not know personally.


His stamp was attached to a design where a huge mistake was made, but I should have restrained myself. This was unfair to Mr. Fratessa.


Again Sorry! I do have much to learn in the field of tact.


I am also sorry my questions over the years to this list are stupid to you.


By the way, there are two engineers on the SEAONC roster who have the initials TJC and are SE’s. Of one, the name of their company is TJC. The other, is a well known name for a large firm that I would find it difficult to believe to have been the author of the post.


Gerard “Jared” Madden, SE, PE

California Licensed Structural and Civil Engineer

CE # 59562 (1999)

SE# 4603  (2003)


Madden Engineering

2183 Eaton Drive

Lodi, CA 95242

T: 209.368.9955

F: 209.368.9966

E: gmadden(--nospam--at)





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Mr. Madden:
Be very careful about whose grave you "piss on" and of cavalierly alleging to a client assignment of blame to another engineer.  Obviously, I have no idea of the particulars of the glu-lam beam to which you allude, but how you described it, that is not the ethical way to handle such a situation.  Judging by your registration number, and your questions to the list over the year(s), you have much time ahead of you in which to learn.

Ephraim G. Hirsch, S1200