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Re: McStructural?

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In a message dated 11/12/2003 1:29:49 PM Eastern Standard Time, scaldwell(--nospam--at) writes:

Over the past week, several posts have bemoaned the supposedly sorry state of employment for structural engineers, particularly with respect to compensation and advancement

In general, Stan, I tend to ignore your posts, because I find them condescending.  However, this one I read, and I happen to be the one of the bemoaners.  Although I didn't realize I was bemoaning,  I thought I was providing opinions and observations.  Which, because this is America, I am allowed to do.

For example, this is an observation.  There is a company here in DC, Legion Design Campbell and Associates, that is a minority business.  Their work is almost exclusively  MBE contracts.  (We know you are an active supporter of  minority businesses.  Could that be because unless you can satisfy the minority requirements for the contracts you go after, you don't get the contract? )  

In the fall of 2000,  (September and October) they had seventeen H1-B hires. The wage was 18 dollars a hour.  This was an office in DC,  where rent for a studio apartment would have been $1000/month.  I have been in that office,  in fact it might have been around that time.  What I remember most is that all of the chairs had plastics seats with rips in them and some kind of tag - they looked like they had come from a government refuse sale.  And everything was dirty.

Am I whining?  No,  because I don't have to sit in one of those chairs.  And I don't ever want to. But other companies trying to compete with them might want to whine.  It's hard to compete with a company that can get away with paying a low wage and never cleaning their office.   Most people would also consider it an abuse of the system for a company to get an MBE contract and then turn around and fill it with H-1B hires.  

I  wouldn't  be surprised if Legion Design also "encourages, but does not require" employees to contribute to their PACs.  They are the kind of company that would sink that low.

Gail S. Kelley, P.E.