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RE: Jobs vs. political parties

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I agree with you only half-way, Dennis.


I think it is always convenient to attach a name (or more preferably, an acronym) to our complaints about the ills of the world, but the fact is that the WTO and “globalization” are entities or procedures. The culprit you’re really looking for is IDEAS.


And those IDEAS are what are being supported by politicians.


For myself, “globalization” doesn’t bother me, any more than high tides or the phases of the moon. ALL of them are inevitable. When we made global transportation and global communication relatively simple and cheap, we opened the door and nothing was going to hold it back because money chases goods (and services). That’s that.


However, the real danger is when politicians, solely to gain and keep political advantage, sacrifice national interest and (more importantly) national security in order to grease the skids. The WTO, etc., are simply grease on the skids. If the WTO didn’t exist, something else would because the political will on the part of those whose express interest lies in gaining and keeping power is what is driving things.


Now, in the United States we have a choice. We can elect those who will protect our national interest through enlightened leadership, or we can bury our heads in the sand so long as the social security check arrives on time.


The electorate acts on self-interest, but for the first time in THIS nation’s history, anyway, that self-interest is NOT enlightened.


William L. Polhemus, Jr. P.E.

Polhemus Engineering Company

Katy, Texas USA



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Okay, many of us are getting unglued, but I have to put my $1.00 into this pot as I think we need to stop passing the blame back and forth between Democrats and Republicans. The loss of work, outsourcing, H-1B, H-2B, L-2 and all other forms of wage dumping is due to the support of both parties in the creation of the World Trade Organization and the support of Globalization.