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Shear Transfer from roof diaphragms....

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.....a little follow up from yesterdays email.  I stamp everything I design
and no senior engineer is present in this office to review my designs.  This
is the hand I'm currently dealt and know that I need a second set of eyes
reviewing everything that is structurally related.  The design code is IBC
2000 and the roof pitch is 5:12.  The man who stated that I didn't need to
look at shearwalls was unfortunately my boss who is a PE but not a
practicing engineer who is familiar with lateral design.

The Simpson A35 and LTP4 connectors look good if end blocking is present,
but I don't believe that continuous end blocking will work due to attic
ventilation requirements.  If the distance above the top plate is 18" and
the eave height is 11", what Simpson connector is available to transfer
loads out of the roof diaphragm perpendicular to the roof truss?

Where is the IBC 2000 specific about minimum requirements for lateral

Also, is it common to have roof trusses at 24" o.c. and wall studs at 16"
o.c.?  How is the double top plate analyzed for this situation?


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