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RE: Mobile Crane Load on Concrete Flume/Bridge

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There are no AASHTO type requirements for cranes.  You will have to get superimposed loads from the crane manufacturer.  These loads will vary from manufacturer to manufacturer.  If outriggers are used, they will have their own loads as well. 


I have designed crane support structures, and the loads will dwarf even the heaviest AASHTO loads.

Harold O. Sprague

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From: Rand Holtham, P.E., Sigma Engineers [mailto:rand(--nospam--at)]
Thursday, November 13, 2003 2:48 PM
Mobile Crane Load on Concrete Flume/Bridge


I am Looking for some design Guidance on load for a "bridge".


Here is the scenario I have a water distribution canal that intersects a drainage ditch. A concrete flume carries the distribution canal over the drainage ditch. The flume is about 30' wide at spans an 80' drainage ditch. There are two rows of intermediate support columns that break the 80'. The flume and subsequent distribution ditch end up creating an island of land that must be accessed by a crane to facilitate maintenance of the canal.  The idea is to put a top on the flume and drive over it to reach the island.


My concern is that the crane (track mounted) will have to approach the flume either at 90 to the flume or some shallower oblique angle. This means that the crane will be turning on top of the bridge/flume. Either end of the flume will be anchored into the bank and the road deck can act as a diaphragm to transfer the twisting motion of the crane. But what is the force exerted by the crane? worst case? Are there any other considerations other than typical load bearing type considerations.


Any insight would be helpful. TIA


Rand Holtham