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Re: Joints in Slabs on Ground

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As I remember,  the original post asked about expansion joint requirements for a  slab on ground footing,  not recommended practice for joint spacing.

The simple answer to the original post is that expansion joints are not required for slabs on ground.  Since I had something written that touched on the issue, and specifically mentioned confusion in terminology, I thought I'd share.

Expansion joints are actually not a bad idea on things like golf cart paths and sidewalks since typically the contraction joints aren't sealed.  If the contraction joints get filled with dirt and debris, they will not be able to accommodate volume changes in the slab.  

I would also note that I don't believe in simply passing on information I have found in a book.  Although what is found in books is often good information,  useful information is really only gained by experience.  This is particularly true for things like repair work and slab on ground work, where much of the "standard practice" is based on experience.

Even if the information is found in several references,  one sometimes finds that they are all using the same source, and that there is no documentation of any research to back up the recommendations.  

To cite a specific reason for my reluctance to rely on book learning,  the author of the current edition of the PCA Concrete Floors on Ground book is not, to my knowledge, an engineer.  I am fairly sure he has never designed anything and I know he has never designed a slab on ground.  

Why exactly do you think I would want to take his recommendations?  The book has come under a lot of criticism because it makes a number of questionable statements,  perhaps because the author did not really understand what he was saying.  Or maybe they are just typos that weren't caught because the book was not adequately reviewed.

Gail Kelley