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Gunnite Pool Methodology

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I am in need of some Gunnite pool designs with clear step by step design methodology. My primary concern is the thickened radius edge at the bottom. The pool is considered 6” (or design appropriate) with a concrete bond beam below the top of the stem. It does not matter (in fact it is preferred) that the top is considered restrained (by the patio slab) or unrestrained. The depth of the pool and soil conditions should be indicated but should matter only in the sense that equivalent fluid pressure will vary according to the soil report.


I would like to make a spreadsheet template for the design OR a TEDDS template that is intended to be donated to the professional community as a tool. To be honest, I have reviewed a number of pool designs (including those Gunnite pools with portions above ground) but many short-cut methods have been used and I’ve lost track of the code references to be used.


I know most of you who have spent a lot of time creating your own tools might object to this, but if you do not and would be willing to either scan a manual analysis for my translation, please e-mail to me at dennis.wish(--nospam--at) OR fax them to me at 760-564-0884. I will indicate on the templates that the credit belongs and post them for download by our peers on the Structuralist.Net website.


Thanks in advance,

Dennis S. Wish, PE


PS. If you wish to donate spreadsheet or TEDDS templates to the Structuralist.Net for download by others, I will be happy to provide you with all of the credit. I am trying to develop a set of tools that engineers who do not have the ability many of us have with spreadsheets or hard programming to be able to learn from and improve upon. All responsibility lies with the user to determine if the tools provided on the Structuralist.Net is appropriate and accurate. Please send all files zipped (if possible, provide some information or comments in the spreadsheets that will help potential users). DO NOT SEND SELF-EXPANDING ZIP FILES (EXE FILES) AS MY E-MAIL PROGRAM ASSUMES THEY ARE EXECUTABLE FILES AND MAY CONTAIN VIRUSES. SEND ONLY ZIP FILES IF POSSIBLE. GENERIC DETAILS AND SPECIFICATIONS IN DWG OR DXF FILES ARE ALSO APPRECIATED AS WE HAVE LOST A LOT OF PAST DONATIONS DUE TO HACKERS WHO HAVE ATTACKED OUR WEB-HOSTING WEBSITE. YOUR HELP AND DONATIONS WILL BE GREATLY APPRECIATED BY YOUR PROFESSIONAL PEERS.



Dennis S. Wish, PE